El-Galaa Teaching Hospital

In the center of Cairo, one of the medical edifices specialized in obstetrics, gynecology and children is located, "Al-Galaa Maternity Teaching Hospital". Its building is distinguished by its antiquity, and its architectural style. The hospital was established in 1938. The hospital not only provides its services to the surrounding area, but patients come to it from different governorates. The hospital services extend to cover all the health needs of the woman, as well as her future newborn. The hospital includes 6 units for obstetrics and gynecology, departments for children, newborns, pediatric surgery, radiology, laboratories and dentistry. The hospital also includes a unit for assisted fertilization, a unit for early detection of tumors, a family planning unit, and a physiotherapy unit.


Corona Virus Vaccination


Women's Health Initiative




Obstetrics, Gynecology & Family Planning Clinics


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Pediatric Clinic


Gynecology Operations


Pediatric Surgical Operation


Pediatrics Inpatient


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Ultrasound Clinic


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Our services

ُObstetrics and Gynecology Emergency Department

Emergency department includes prenatal and postnatal wards and emergency operations and vaginal delivery rooms. Section serves the approximately 100 cases per day of emergency situations between caesarean section or natural births or abortions or ectopic pregnancy, as well as cases of pre - eclampsia and bleeding

Pediatrics and Neonates Emergency

Working over 24 hours to receive emergency cases of children. The case is evaluated in the reception department and what is required for it is determined, whether the need for hospitalization or follow-up in outpatient clinicsThe incubators and neonatology department in the hospital contains 27

Dentist Clinic

Dental clinics provide the following services: Treating gum infections Tooth decay treatment Filling and extraction of molars and teeth

Corona Virus Vaccination

The Hospital provides vaccination for the Covid-19 virus

Ultrasound unit

The unit operates daily from 9 am to 12 pm on all days except Friday. The unit includes the latest ultrasound machines 10 devices. The unit includes many consultants and specialists in ultrasound. The unit organizes training courses to train doctors on ultrasound

Oncology Department

The Section provides all medical services related to tumors of the female reproductive system as well as tumors of the breast These services for early detection of tumors and in periodic follow-up of cases and conducting surgical operations .

Assisted Reproduction Unit

The unit provides the following services: Marriage counseling for newlyweds.Initial examinations for newlyweds for those who wish Andrology treatmentHelp severe weakness of ovulatory stocks. Diagnose cases of delayed childbearing, follow up and treat them

Diagnostic Radiology Department

The department provides many diagnostic radiology examinations such as: Mammogram to detect breast tumors X-ray for children and the preterm Hystosalpingography Uropyelography Ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis


أ.د. شريف صفوت (مدير عام المستشفى)

Obstetrics and Gynecology Departments

أ.د. ابتهاج شفيق (رئيس أقسام النساء و التوليد)

Obstetrics and Gynecology Departments

أ.د. وفاء أمين (رئيس أقسام الأطفال)

Pediatrics Departments

أ.د. مروة رضوان (نائب المدير للأبحاث و التدريب)

Obstetrics and Gynecology Departments

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